Sui Generis

Some come for the art, Some for the entertainment! Experience and feel the good vibes of being in an art community!

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Welcome to Sui Generis Auction House!

How the
house works

Auction Schedules

Check our Twitter Pin post discord announcement channel

Participate in the Auction

Join the Auction stage on discord and follow the chat in the Auction-bidding channel

Artist Presentation

Check the pinned messages in #auctionbidding for the list of artists.


We will introduce the artist and display their piece in #auctionbidding. Then engage in the bidding war until the host calls the end.

House FAQs

All bids are in SUI tokens. By bidding, you agree to purchase the piece if you win. Trolling bids result in an instant ban. If the highest bidder is banned, the next highest bidder wins.

If you win, contact the artist via DM for the piece's marketplace link. Ensure your Discord settings allow DMs.

If you encounter payment issues, inform a host or moderator.

You cannot bid on another piece until your purchase is confirmed by the artist in chat. Exceptions apply for well-known bidders approved by the host.

The first 300 NFT buyers are eligible for weekly house token airdrops. Details in the tokenomic

Weekly, Sui Generis provides LP or conducts buybacks based on ⁠tokenomic guidelines.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need assistance!

Sui Generis is a DAO

Where every holders as a voice and every artists is part of the team


It was more than a hit. It was a phenomenon! Often imitated but never equaled

Charity 01 | Raised

41,244 FTM
$73K USD

For the 1st Tomb Finance Exploit, giving back to 93 members the most in need.

Charity 03 | Raised

3,273.6 FTM
Dog House Charity in Australia

Charity 02 | Competition

Charity/Donation event— 01/01/2022 ARTIST COLLAB-TOURNAMENT

Charity 04 | Raised

2,387 FTM
$3,094 USD
Collected from the live auction going to Hope Food Charity.